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Merry Christmas by Mistresselysia Merry Christmas by Mistresselysia
This serves 2 purposes - as a big old 'Merry Christmas' to everyone and as an entry to the mini Christmas competition.

I hope everyone has a great holiday!

Lots of love
Elysia (and Fade (the Fey'ri tiefling) and Ebony (the Drow) too ;) )

PS7, about 6 hours? No reference, based on a silly 20 minute sketch I knocked up ap couple of nights ago, hence many errors. I also hate holly alsmost as much as I hate feathers...

Snowflake brushes from *anodyne-stock

Please full view. Details lost in tiny view.
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BalduranDeArnise Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2006
Buahahahaha!! Sooo cool :D

Nice drawing, it cracked me up :)
Mrennigma Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006
I haven't commented on this yet? Bloody hell I thought I had! Well all I can say really is WOW. These two can camp out under my Christmas tree any year ::nod::
PoldalleLovesnare Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very pretty and rather vibrant :D
beykitten Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2005
Sorry it's SO late x_x
Being at my Dad's then coming home, then being depressed, then being tired kinda held me up.

This is so pretty!! And so well done, 6 hours work really shows here!!

melyanna Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I wanted to post a Xmas picture, but had no spare time to draw it...
Anyway, this is so sexy and funny! I like the tatoo on the tiefling's belly and the drow's face is so beautiful!
Xmas has passed before I could write anything, but I can still wish you an happy new year! :-)
DarrkestDrow Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This was for a contest at *Lolth-Scourge ? Damn...I didn't even know there was another one going on, I've been off-line for waaaay too long. Well, hopefully I didn't miss out on the voting at least. *makes a mental note to check out the contest soon*

Even though I'm majorly late, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and the girls too! I actually had a Christmas picture sketched out but, I didn't have the time to ink or color it. Assey is pestering me to finish it anyway but...meh...

(Szordrin) *saunters in dressed as a pimped out Xmas Elf and twirling an oversized candycane.*
(DD) *glowers*...I thought you hated Christmas...
(Szordrin) Well, when I saw what Elysia was offering up for us all, I suddenly started feeling...festive. :devilish:
(DD) *Motions to the oversized candy cane* What's that for?
(Szordrin) ...I'm not a machine you know. I'll need a break at some point...there are two of them... Besides, it's minty fresh and it might even convince me to do things I wouldn't otherwise consider. *smacks his lips*
(DD) ...*snatches candy cane away* You'll thank me for this later Szord... *clunks him over the head with massive candy cane and shoves him into a Santa sack.* Well, I better get him back home and locked up tight before he wakes up. He's not going to be happy when he regains consciousness... I'll go ahead and leave the candy cane though, I'm sure you ladies could find something to do with it. :XD:

Hehe, well, a belated Merry Christmas to you too, from me, Assey and...Szordrin too I guess. ;p
Mistresselysia Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2006
Heeey! :hug: I'm here *wanders around, looking vaguely stunned* Did you have a good holiday? Mine was... busy. I ended up cooking a whole Christmas lunch by myself (thanks, guys... thanks for the help... :roll: ) and then spent the next week running around after relatives. Back to school now... bless dere wittle hearts (hmmm....).

Ebony: *Eyes Szordrin and the candy cane with distaste* Oh. He's still here, is he? At least he's unconcious...
Be nice....
Ebony: *rolls her eyes* First I have to wear this ridiculous surfacer outfit that itches in many abominable places, then I have to pose as if I *like* wearing this ridiculous outfit, and you expect me to be *nice*?
Yes. It's the spirit of the season.
Ebony: That was a good week or so ago.
That's not the point....
Fade: *grins at DD* Alright, mate. Look what I've found!
They're baubles, Fade...
Fade: I know! Must be worth a few bob...
*smacks hand into forehead* Not everything that is shiny is worth a lot of money, Fade! You've got to get used to this fact!
Fade: But.. but..
Ebony: *smirks* See, I told you...

Nothing changes, huh? :XD:

Happy New Year, m'dear, and thanks! :hug:
Asvander Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2005
Oh baby, all I want for christmaaaas is yoooou!

Heheh, I can soooo see those two rolling in the snow on that tune.
Hailfall Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005
Merry christmas hun!

love the art!
xiaocaca Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
Those are hot outfits. Really great job with the coloring!

Merry Christmas!
DrowElfRocker Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005   Digital Artist
Merry Christmas :santa:
I love the shading on this, and their clothes have a really interesting texture. How did you do it?
HeatherD Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005
Coool. I like how you did the red satin. Merry Christmas! :glomp:
Daytha Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005  Hobbyist
They look so brilliant! :clap:
evil-emmie Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005
:holy::xmas: MErry Christmas! :holly::xmas:

Great Picture! I love the shading and the idea! :+fav: I think... I like the one with white hair best ^-^

I hope you get everything you want andhave a very happy christmas and Great (hehe don't get too drunk) New year :hug:
DaphneArgent Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
AAAHHH I looooove it!!!! them two are very very pleasant and their expressions are really sexy ;) Also the coloration is nicely done!
Mydian Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005
Awesome!! Now that would be one rockin' Christmas carol album. :giggle:
Zepphil Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005
If Santa Claus is like that, I will believe again! ;-)

I can't decide who I like the most so I added both to my favs :+fav:

Congrats, and thanks, for your lovely art and a very happy and merry christmas to you and all your relatives.

Cyzra Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
oh cool! very nice :clap: i love it. i was gonna enter that contest too but sadly I have too much work :(
black-kitten2 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005
MERYY CHRISTMAS MISS!!! {yes miss even though i know your married ><}
i hope you get everything you asked for {and i hope i do to *insert evil laughter here*}

i love the pic! i am sooo adding it to my favs
and surprisingly enough the red haired one {well i think it is ^^; }looks like me in the old days when my hair was red and i knew nothing of you or DA.
anyway great pic and merry christ mas {and a happy new year of course}
*whispers* remember what i said in the card *wink* no adhd gremlin on crack lol
Acorn-Chan Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome character designs!!
Mistresselysia Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005
:aww: Thank you very much!

Have a good holiday! :lol:
Acorn-Chan Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you're welcome, and you, too have a good holiday!! :D
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