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Dungeons and Dragons - Not Just Chainmail Bikinis.
Dungeons and Dragons - what image does this particular phrase conjure up in your mind? Hours of fun with a group of friends, eating snacks and drinking beer whilst pretending to be a half-orc barbarian called Keith (ahhh... memories are made of this!!) or a bunch of sweaty palmed, basement-dwelling nerds with odd-shaped dice getting far too excited over Boris Vallejo prints?
D&D has had some pretty bad rap over the years, from the aforementioned accusation of extreme nerdiness to devil-worship, and D&D art is no different; ask anyone what a stereotypical piece of D&D artwork contains, and I'd lay good money that one of the first things mentioned would the eponymous 'chaimmail bikini', much to the lament of D&Ders everywhere.
Well, here's a collection of quality works that sum up D&D nicely (the original intent of the deviations may not have been to represent D&D, but I thought they fitted nicely with the theme of this article) with nary a busty bikini-clad elf nor an oiled up, overly m
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... has fat knees
United Kingdom
Current Residence: A hell of my own making....
Favourite genre of music: Anything obnoxious and / or sleazy / classical / choral
Operating System: Human (allegedly)
Shell of choice: Limpet, closely followed by Scallop.
Wallpaper of choice: Flock. (Oh yeah, baby, feel the velour...)
Favourite cartoon character: Dangermouse, Elan from OotS
Personal Quote: 'They're a bit mad, but they've invited me in....'
Umm. Hello. It's me.

I was looking for some pictures of Fade (at last, after 13 years of roleplaying, I am being allowed to play a tiefling! Huzzah!) and so I logged in here and realised: FUCKING HELL, it has been 3 YEARS since I last logged in. Which is mental.

But I do have excuses! ^^D

I have had another daughter (Emily, 16 months old, Scourge of at Felinedom and Climber of Stairs), and Lucy is now nearly 4 and allergic to just about everything (all dairy, eggs and peanuts). I've not had much of a chance to do much drawing, but what little I have managed (I think it's one, maybe two, pictures... sad, sad state of affairs!), but I have written a lot: I'm currently editing my first novel with the aim to send it out to agents next year, have just completed a Lovecraftian novella (needs editing) and am thick in the middle of another novel (being written for NaNoWriMo). I've also become a published writer (only short stories, but it's a start!) and have set myself up as a seller on Cafepress:…

So yeah... busy busy!

I doubt anyone out there still remembers me, but if you do, drop by and let me know how you are, okay?

Ely xx

(Now it's time to trawl through 10K+ messages. Again, whoa... And then tidy up my profile. It's a bloody mess!)


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Jerzee-Girl Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2016
LOVE your gallery! Great talent, you!  :)
WraithStar Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
Hello :) It's Ward Dragon from Tomb Raider Forums. I don't know if you remember me, but I was wondering how you are doing. Congratulations on the second baby :D

I was also thinking of playing Neverwinter Nights and I remembered you posting about creating your own quests (at least I think it was for NWN). I was hoping you could link me to your work. Based on everything you said about what you enjoy in games, I think I will really like what you have designed :D
Lava-DelVortel Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
Hey, Miss E! I'm going to kill you! :D No, seriously - almost everyone at SHS tried to contact you. Could you please visit the forums, please?
And I hope Lucy is getting better and better.

Enkida Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011
Hi! I was making a portrait pack for BG2 and someone pointed me to your DA gallery for reference. So enjoy!
Greenkey2 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Professional General Artist
*hugs* Haven't seen or spoken in a looooong while... Hope everything is good hun - me and a lot of people are missing you and wishing you well :hug:
jochannon Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009
Hi, I'm sorry to come at you out of the blue like this, but I'm trying to start an e-magazine of fan fiction, and I was told that you might be interested in that sort of thing.

If you are, please check this out [link] it's my journal entry with all the details.
Nemesis-of-the-Gods Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh hell yes I am SO Watching you!! Your gallery kicks total ass, I love your style!

GREAT stuff, keep it up! =D
Wilford111 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2009
:wave: Hello random deviant!
Greenkey2 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009  Professional General Artist
Haven't seen or heard hide nor hair of you for a while, but I hope you're okay and that all is well with you and family :hug:

Jenni and co' xxx
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